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Don’t Just learn to code , Reinvent your career in 13 Weeks.

The Most Advanced Coding Bootcamp : Think Like a Software Engineer.

Don’t just learn to code . Reinvent your career .

The Best and Most Immersive Coding Bootcamp

Our immersive program is a coding bootcamp focused on producing self-contained software developers ready for any job in the technology industry. Each part of our program is optimized for effective and efficient education. The first half of the course is often described as “drinking from a fire hydrant” because of the amount of information it contains. In the second half, you will use your new coding skills to create projects while learning new technologies on the fly. In the end, you’ll be an expert software developer, able to handle unique and unknown problems as well as create complex applications. 


Your way to success

The RBK course is very selective and entering the immersive phase requires a lot of effort and preparation. After the interview and the few tests that you will take, we will decide together and according to your results and abilities which level you will be able to reach.

Duration : 6 weeks

  • Intermediate level of english (B2)
  • Advanced computer skills
  •  Basic programming knowledge


Duration : 13 weeks

  • Intermediate English level (B2+)
  • Advanced computer skills
  •  Advanced programming knowledge


Duration : 12 to 24 weeks

  • Work on real projects
  • follow a personalized program to improve oneself
  • look and apply for jobs

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Our graduates’ salaries are twice as high as the national average.

According to a study by the World Bank, the starting salaries of RBK graduates are double those of university graduates and can sometimes reach 10x. This study also verified the positive impact of our graduates on the country’s GDP.


RBK is part of the World Bank’s youth employment portfolio.

RBK has been nominated by the RAND Corporation to be part of the World Bank’s Impactful Solutions for Youth Employment portfolio. We were selected and are now one of 20 international partners in this portfolio.

94% of graduates hold full-time software engineering positions

According to our statistics our first cohort-Tunisia reached a 94% placement rate with an average salary of 1319 TND per month within their first six months after graduation .




COHORT 2 (JUNE 2020)


After your training at RBK, we will prepare you for a competitive job market with assistance in writing your CV, personal branding, interview skills and personalized career coaching.
By properly representing your skills on paper and in interviews, you will be ready to work anywhere from startups to large technology companies.

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