Where to Begin?

Right here.

Our online coding bootcamp admissions process is designed to swiftly identify those candidates with drive and determination, and enhance their knowledge, skills, and preparation prior to an immersive. 

Admissions Process

Similar to how our immersive models the engineering industry, our admissions models the immersive. We provide introductory-level curriculum to teach you everything you need to know about the basics of JavaScript and how to solve problems like an engineer. Show us you’ve mastered what we look for and that you’re ready to go further.

The whole process, from beginning to day one of the immersive, typically takes 2-4 months. It is challenging, but it is a rewarding and incredible growth journey. When you’re admitted, you’ll know you’re among other incredible peers, all fully ready, motivated and vetted for success.

First Gate
: Application Form

Fill the application form and agree to our terms and conditions


Second Gate
: Mindset Assessment

This a 180 question psychometric exam that is as much an endurance gate as it does reveal how the person makes sense of the world.

30 min.

Third Gate
: English Test

 This gate is specifically designed to test your English capabilities and reading comprehension.

15 min.

Fourth Gate : On-Site Testing

Analytical, IQ, literacy assessment (English reading comprehension) and mental agility tests as well as technical testing (knowledge of javascript, HTML.CSS) is done on site after candidates have successfully completed and passed through the psychometric and English gates.

2 hrs.

Fifth Gate
: The Interview

The final gate is the interview where the Admissions Team gets a gut check on fit and verifies the psychological profile built throughout the admissions process. It is not necessary to score high on the 5 different assessments. 
Rubrics are used to sort the wheat from the chaff. Someone may smash all the tests but be a narcissist or pathologically entitled. These are deal breakers. Extremely low social / emotional IQ, poor reading comprehension and low mental agility are also deal breakers.
During this last gate, trained interviewers use a series of prompts and questions to see how candidates perform under pressure. If they clear this gate, they are admitted either into Bootstrap or directly into the immersive program depending on their level.

30 min.

About the Admissions

First, it is necessary to understand RBK’s Mission. We are not your typical career accelerator or coding bootcamp. Unlike our competitors, we are focused on the most vulnerable and generally more concerned with molding the kind of character that aligns with human progress and our hiring partners expectations than producing code monkeys. What separates RBK from everyone else is this focus on character building which involves mindfulness training, yoga, meditation, restorative justice practice and a ton of physical (food, housing, transportation) and psycho social (counseling, Talking Circles) support.

This more than anything else, more than the curriculum, more than selecting high, more than the staff, more than student support (food, housing, transportation), more than alumni support, accounts for their success and our extremely high replacement rate. Remove the self-awareness training and the character building and the worth of our enterprise goes to zero.

Code bootcamp pedagogy combines several traditional methodologies – fail-based learning, problem/project-based learning, collaborative learning, immersive learning – with agile scrum and mindfulness training. RBK calls this eXtreme Learning (XL).