The RBK immersive program is an advanced coding bootcamp focused on building autonomous software engineers ready for any job in the tech industry. Every unit in our curriculum is optimized for educational power and efficiency. The first half of the course is often described as “drinking from a firehose” because of how much information it packs in. In the second half, you use your new coding skills to build projects while learning new technology on the fly. By the end, you will be an expert software engineer, capable of tackling unique and unfamiliar problems as well as building complex applications.

Master the Fundamentals while Exploring new Tech

Many software engineering bootcamps teach in-demand technologies, but at RBK, we go further. We teach cutting-edge tech (like React, ES6 and Blockchain), Full Stack Javascript, and Computer Science fundamentals. This allows you to pick up new languages, libraries, and frameworks at will. We teach you how to adapt because next year’s most important tech might not exist today.

Think like a Software Engineer

Professional software engineers have defined goals, but no roadmap of how to get there. Our students don’t just follow directions, they learn how to chart the course.

Develop Production Grade Web Applications

Our advanced coding bootcamp is results-focused. You start by learning foundational tech and fundamentals, then immediately put your knowledge into action with carefully designed assignments and personal software engineering projects that you conceive and build from the ground up.

Job Placement Support

We prepare you for a competitive job market with resume assistance, personal branding development, interviewing skills, and career coaching. By representing your skills well on paper and in interviews, you’ll be ready for a job anywhere from startups to major tech companies.

Our Software Engineering Program Roadmap

Our Approach


RBK produces software engineers with 5 core skills :

  1. Programming Ability.
  2. Soft Skills.
  3. Autonomous Learning Ability.
  4. Problem Solving and Creative Ability.
  5. C1 English (on the CERF scale). 

We achieve this by blending several, open source education methodologies into a new pedagogy called eXtreme Learning (XL) combining:

  1. fail-based learning
  2. problem-based learning
  3. project-based learning
  4. Collaborative learning – pairs, teams
  5. immersive learning – 14+ hours per day
  6. Agile methodology – sprints, retrospective
  7. Self-awareness training
  8. Restorative justice practice
  9. Psycho-social support

RBK has developed an AI driven feedback system that maximizes knowledge accretion through the use of biomorphic monitoring to track cognitive load. This tracking and behavior modification stimulus enhances performance, and ultimately skill acquisition by 30%-60% across the program.

  1. Assessment of 1000 young people, choosing 40 young people to start the immersive courses;
  2. Impart market-ready digital skills, together with professional practice and emotional intelligence training. Training is delivered via ‘bootcamp’ methodology – an immersive, intensive 18 week program;
  3. Provide a framework for this demographic to ‘bootstrap’ themselves out of poverty by using the exceptional RBK graduates to facilitate future programs and scale the technology and access.
  4. Connect each student with a mentor and assist them in developing a professional network and gaining an understanding of the industry culture.
  5. Place 30 graduates with industry hiring partners locally or with distant partners via remote seats within six months;
  6. Promote cohesion and goodwill amongst estranged groups (refugees vs. host nationals) through ‘pair learning’ in an immersive, intensive, problem-solving based environment.

Pair Programming

Our coding bootcamp curriculum includes pair programming to get you as close to a working environment as possible. This means you’ll collaborate at pairing stations with another student on programming projects, where you will learn how to code as a team. You’ll double check one another’s work to reduce coding errors and learn teamwork skills needed to thrive in a professional environment.


Project-Focused Learning

During the second half of the coding bootcamp course, students use their skills to design and build fully functional apps from scratch. The schedule during this period is more open-ended, but equally intense.

Industry-Tested Curriculum

We believe that excellence comes from relentless improvement. We evaluate each part of our software engineering curriculum every time it is taught. Over the years, we have devised a highly refined set of lessons on Full-Stack JavaScript (including API and CSS frameworks), Computer Science fundamentals, Application Design, and more.

Grow Your Network

At RBK, you gain more than an education; you develop a network. Our campuses are home to hundreds of startups, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 1000 companies, giving you the opportunity to work and learn alongside some of the best and brightest minds in the tech industry.

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