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RBK has adapted one of the most valued software engineers boot camp curricula in the world to the Middle East region and the emerging countries.



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From Zero to Hero in 4 months

ReBootKamp is the coding bootcamp of the Middle East. Based on the Hack Reactor curriculum, due to its innovative education technology is able to deliver to industry in 4 months, market ready software engineers experienced in the world’s favourite internet programming languages.

Data Structures

Learn and understand the data structures 

Front end frameworks

React, Angular, BackBone…

Front End

HTML, CSS, JQuery, Ajax Request, API’s…

Back End

Servers and Node, Databases, Authentication, Deployment…


By Hack Reactor @ Galvanize

The main course of the Program is structured around the world famous Hack Reactor curriculum which is the top coding camp in the United States. However, at RBK, we will also work on your communication, teamwork, leadership, critical thinking and creativity skills. Just as importantly, we will enhance your stress levels by pushing you to your maximum limit.

A Sample of the Principles You’ll Learn : Data structures, Algorithms, jQuery, HTML/CSS, Ajax, Backbone, APIs, React, NodeJS, Databases, Deployment, MEAN stack development, Angular and more. Much more.

RBK were nominated by the RAND Corporation to be part the World Bank’s Solutions for Youth Employment impact portfolio.
We were ultimately selected and now are 1 of 20 international partners in this portfolio.

The world’s Most Advanced Coding Bootcamp, Now@Tunis

By joining us, you have direct access to all the resources our founding partners, Hack Reactor and Galvanize, use to train software engineers in the USA, you also have exactly the same diploma as an engineer trained in San Fransisco or Austin. This allows you to be employable immediately , all over the world, at the end of your course at RBK


CEO , ReBootKamp Tunisia

Job Placement

During your Immersive phase, you will be taught how to develop your online presence and sharpen your interview skills with our experienced coaches. As your graduation nears, RBK will organize a career fair whereby companies will gather to introduce themselves to you and explain their technology and culture so you can have an idea of where you’d like to apply. Following your graduation, your code will be made available online for potential recruiters to see and assess. With your CV ready, your knowledge capital increased and your confidence high, our team will be on hand and assist you with your job hunt. RBK has partnered and developed trust with the top tech companies in the MENA Region and will send your credentials to the companies that best suit your abilities.

Hugh Bosley

Founder, ReBootKamp



All of This Has Been Made Possible by our Visionary Supporters