Pay Tuition After you graduate

We’re proud to offer Post Graduation Agreements for the ReBootKamp Software Engineering Immersive bootcamps.

How PGAs Work

Enroll & Apply

Apply to our program, talk to your enrollment officer, and get accepted.

You will only have to pay 2737 TND for the Bootstrap prep course, If you are accepted to continue to the immersive phase, you will sign a GPA agreement and begin your bootcamp.

Study & Search

Learn from the best, make lifelong friends during your bootcamp experience, and perform your job search confidently with the support of our career services team.

Get Employed & Pay it Back

Begin paying back your tuition. Even if you get a well-paying job, payments won’t start until three months after exiting the program!

*Each student must leave the checks to be paid after his / her graduation before starting the course.

All requests for reimbursement after the end of studies are submitted to the validation of the risk management department of RBK.
The post-graduation payment involves bank interest that will be reflected on the amount to be paid by the student, depending on the duration chosen.

Why We Offer GPAs

More Accessibility
GPAs allow us to offer our program to a greater number of students who need financial alternatives.

More Diverse Classroom
By removing a hurdle of affordability, we can focus on getting the best and brightest students from an even wider variety of backgrounds.

More Confidence
We have nothing but confidence in our students and our program, which is why we allow students to pay tuition after they find a job making a comfortable salary.


Our team is here to help you make your aspirations for a career in tech a reality, start the conversation about tuition assistance here to take the next step!