RBK receives a lot of applications for each 40 person cohort. poor English is the most common reason applicants are rejected.

English ability correlates strongly with success in our program so we highly recommend you improve your English before applying. If you are less than B1, you should consider enrolling in an online self-study course. Test yourself HERE. .

There are many FREE online resources.

Or simply pick up a book and start reading but keep a dictionary close.

If your English is at least B1 and you want to prepare yourself for the technical aspects of the program, check out some of these sites:

  • Codecademy – Start with HTML/CSS lessons. Advance to Javascript after you have mastered HTML/CSS. Good for beginners.
  • Khan Academy’s Computer Programming courses – Fantastic for beginners. Highly recommended.
  • r/learnJavascript – A Reddit subreddit with a lot of good links and other JavaScript learners

To practice your problem solving skills go to HERE

Finally, can you type without looking down at your keyboard? If not, practice your typing, it will save you valuable time.

Mastering all the above does not guarantee you a seat in our program but it will greatly enhance your chances.

Good luck!