Tuition & Financial Options

Registration fees for each application per student 238 TND

What you Get by Enrolling

The entire program lasts for 20 weeks and is divided into two phases, the Prep and the Immersive. The Prep is an onsite final assessment that you are required to pass in order to be admitted into the Immersive phase. Only upon successful completion of the Prep will you be admitted to the Immersive phase where the fun begins. During this stage, you will be exposed to a variety of programming methods while working in a diverse group to enhance your teamwork experience. It is worth noting that the entire program is delivered in English only.

*The price for the Immersive Course is 7697,200 TND. An estimated price for a payement with one of our banking partners is 295 TND, the price may change, Please get in touch with us for the exact pricing.  


During this phase, you will learn the basic fundamentals of programming and higher order concepts using JavaScript

Functions, iteration, recursion, arrays, objects, higher order functions, data modeling, HTML, CSS, JQuery to name just a few



Full Stack JavaScript

You’ll take part in two-day sprints where each sprint covers a new different concept from a different section of web development

Data structures
Front end: HTML, CSS, JQuery, Ajax Request, API’s…
Front end frameworks: React, Angular, BackBone…
Back end: Servers and Node, Databases, Authentication, Deployment…


Application Design/Development & Job Search

You will produce something compelling using the skills you’ve honed over the previous phase. You will be working on 4 different projects, one solo and three other group projects with around 4 team members.  

Social Nights

Every end of week ends with a bang ! Water-balloon fights, relaxing in a candle-lit garden, BBQ, music, or bring your own instrument, bowling, AR games, movies, …, etc., is how we wrap up a hard week’s work. You’ll deserve it !

Labs with Screens

The Labs (classrooms) are fully equipped with all the bells and whistles needed to conduct the course so just bring your laptop ! All we need to work on your dream of becoming a Software Engineer is your full attention !

Your Mind And Body

As your days will be long, we ensure that your mind and body are treated in a manner that can support your learning. You will experience a variety of activities that are designed to relieve your stress and help keep your mind sharp and ready. From meditation to yoga, we take care to provide you with an environment that promotes the absorption of continuous learning.


The Immersive Course can be quite stressful due to the amount of information you will be required to digest in short periods of time. Your days will be long and some might find this difficult. The stress is not limited to students. Even the staff encounter tough days and need to express their frustration. So you don’t have to keep the pressure inside you, we have provided an in-house counsellor who is ready to listen and give you advice.

21st Century Soft Skills

In the real world, employers do not only seek technical proficiency. More crucial are the soft skills that companies would like to see in their staff. These range from the ability to teach, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and many more. During your journey, these skills will be integrated into your daily schedule to make you one of the most wanted programmers on the market.

Enhanced Technical Mentoring

During the Immersive stage of your course, you will not only be trained using the latest technical curriculum alone. Mentoring by market experienced Software Engineers from top companies will be baked into your course. With this, you will gain valuable knowledge in how to incorporate what you have learned using methodologies applied by real companies in the real world.

Financing Options

Around half of our students receive help in financing their ReBootKamp journey. We work with two lending partners, to provide you with attractive rates and manageable payment terms, please check with our admissions department for more informations and loans availability.

Students can pay as little as 2737 TND down and finance the balance of tuition over as much as 36 months. After applying to ReBootKamp , you will receive details on how to get pre-approved with our lending partners.

Zitouna Bank : Tamouil Dirasset

For who ?
“Tamouil Dirasset” is intended for Individuals and Professionals.
Advantages :
– Funding up to 100% of Registration Fees
Amount capped at 30 000 TND and according to your repayment capacity.
– Repayment period of up to 3 years with some training organizations.
– Fixed profit margin over the entire repayment period, avoiding any uncertainty.
– Speed of response to requests for funding.
– Financing solution validated by the Sharia Committee.

MicroCred "BAOBAB" : Dirassa

Students and future students of ReBootKamp will be eligible to apply for Microcred’s Dirassa credit of up to 6000TND to finance registration fees.

Steps to follow :
1- Deposit of a credit request in agency or on line
2- Preparation of the documents required for the applicant and the guarantor
3- Assessment of the activity and visit of the Portfolio Manager at home
4- Decision of the committee 

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