It’s time to bring these soldiers out of the shadows and show in broad daylight that there is such a thing as a woman leader in Tech. She has always existed!

Why do we need to talk about women and technology?

Did you know that behind the first photograph of a black hole is a whole team lead by a woman who played a key role in developing the algorithm that made it possible to take that photograph.

However, the fact that she was singled out by the team for this feat was controversial…

“A female figure is not well placed to represent such a technological success!”

That’s why we need to talk about it. In other words, women are present in the field of technology, but they are often “left out”.

The history of women and technology

The history of women and technology seem to be one and the same. Although historians have omitted to mention them in their books, women are indeed present in technology. They have even contributed considerably to the creation and development of technology.

The names of these women are often absent from history books, written by men, or in the best of the cities in lower case. But has anyone really tried to research these women cited in page notes? The American journalist Claire L. Evans took the trouble to do so. And surprise! All her women have stories as interesting as the men on whom hundreds of books have been written. Of their stories, Evans has written a book in their honor.

Why, then, was it decided to keep them in the shadows or even “remove” them from history?

One reason is that women have often worked on programs. As we know, programming is evolutionary, sites change, are deleted, are replaced… Whereas the computer or the smart-phone are stable objects. They evolve, of course, but they remain very present.

Of course, the socio-cultural framework is important. If society decided to give men the credit for technological advances, once this field expanded, it was quite difficult for women to claim the recognition they deserved.

Current Situation at RBK

The current situation is much better. Women are demanding more recognition and are more interested in this area that is reserved for men.

At RBK, for example, there has been an increase in the number of female participants to a little over 20%. Also, a good number of our network of teachers are women, nearly 50% of our instructional team are females. And we can assure you that they are doing a very good job!

The myth of the male tech world no longer holds true. Just take a look at the female participants in our programs and you’ll see that they’re just as interested in tech and are as good at computers as men

Actions to take

We all have a responsibility to destroy old “clichés” ! Everyone, regardless of gender, must recognize that women have always had, and have had for years, their place in tech. Let’s acknowledge her past and especially her current contributions.

Technology is a wonderful, exciting and amazing world of evolution, our goal must be to democratize it and not to restrict it to a certain category.

It is time to bring these soldiers out of the shadows and show in broad daylight that the woman leader in Tech exists. She has always existed!